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The acceptance criteria of thread steel
Time:2013-08-03    Source:    Views:1431

The acceptance criteria of thread steel

1, inspection items

Each batch of steel inspection items, sampling method and testmethods should be consistent with the provisions of table 4.

Test method for sampling method of sampling inspection projectnumber

1, chemical composition of GB/T 2221 GB/T 223, GB/T 4336.

2, optional 2 GB228 tensile bars the standard 8.2.

3, bent optionally two reinforced 2 GB/T232 8.3 of this standard.

4, the relaxation optionally reinforced a 1/ per contract numberGB10120 8.4 of this standard.

5, fatigue optionally reinforced a 1 the standard 8.5.

6, the surface by a visual.

7, weight deviation according to the standard 6.7

2, the tensile test

The tensile test shall be carried out with full section size ofreinforced specimen. Do not allow to reduce the cross section of the specimen by machining. Unit stress should be determinedaccording to the table 1 row circular cross section calculation.Steel bar for each batch of weight more than 60t, shall be taken as three tensile specimen.

3, bending test

The bend test in accordance with the provisions of bending,bending parts shall not crack surface.

4, the stress relaxation test

Reinforced stress relaxation performance test shall be carried outaccording to the provisions of GB/T 10120. During the test, the specimen temperature should be maintained at 20 ± 2 ℃. Testingstandard is 60 times the length of not less than the nominal diameter. Specimen preparation may not make any heat treatment and cold processing. The initial load should be uniformin 3min ~ 5min is applied, load 1min after began recordingrelaxation value. Allow at least 100h test data calculation of 1000hrelaxation rate.

5, fatigue test

The supply and demand sides agree, can fatigue testing,reinforcement shall be subjected to a 2 x 106 cycle stress withoutfault, and the stress of 70% nominal tensile strength under thevibration from the maximum. Reinforced stress amplitude is equal to 195MPa.

6, size measurement

Bar shape except for size measurement inspection, the inspectioninto the situation of special connector.


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