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In July the thread wire fluctuate
Time:2013-07-15    Source:    Views:1230

Screw steel, wire rod, steel prices stop rising, stabilizing,transactions regression insipid; excellent steel market is relatively stable, the market transactions generally, no bright spot.Business views on late July market is not a, differentiation. Some think, the market will be improved; some think, the recent steelprices rose too fast, but the lack of demand for support, the latter will have callback.

CITIC Pacific Special Steel Group marketing managementdepartment was informed that in the tracking survey, this week of excellent steel market prices showed a slight downward trend,gear steel, spring steel, bearing steel, steel price index last weekdropped 0.2 points, 0.6 points, 1.1 points, 1.5 points. From thechanges in the monthly index of view, spring steel, bearing steel,gear steel and structural steel index than in June dropped 1.9 points, 2.6 points, 2.6 points and 7.4 points.

From the special steel traders operating in the feedback of the situation, this week of excellent steel market prices remained stable, trading in general. Operators to reflect, by the recentnational high temperature, heavy rain weather, the downstreamsteel industry operating rate declined, the actual purchase amount is not increased; but due to the recent better steel price is relatively low, some traders were replenishment operation.

From the recent market situation of raw materials, import,domestic ore and scrap prices relatively strong, coke, iron alloyremained weak stability, the overall cost of raw materials to maintain stability. The cost of raw materials will have some form of support steel prices, is conducive to the steel market. The latestresearch shows, many recent steel iron ore inventories are low,replenishment desire is strong, and the climate reason, thereforeore prices falling and little chance. In addition, from the recentmainstream and special steel enterprises price adjustment policies, rising to 30 yuan / ton ~50 yuan / ton, the positive role tomaintain price stability on the spot market.

In addition, see the release from steel production capacity,production efforts do not fall instead increases. The latestChinese iron and steel industry association data display, key enterprises in late June average daily output of crude steel1762400 tons, ten-day annulus comparing grows 0.97%, a record high; the crude steel production estimated at 2181200 tons,growth of 0.78% years. One is the steel consumption into the off-season, on the other hand, steel production remained high, thusthe late steel prices continue callback resistance is large, the market fundamentals do not support steel prices continued to rebound.

For the latter part of excellent steel market trend, CITIC PacificSpecial Steel Group marketing management department that,recently better steel market demand and no significant release,maintain basically stable situation. From this point of view, the next week of excellent steel market price stability-oriented,volatility will not.


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