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Planished steel stress
Time:2013-07-15    Source:    Views:1707

Planished steel is a high strength composite material containingsilicon, manganese and so on. In order to support bracket Y1030J2 "planished steel 36mm for example. Its main technical parameters are as follows: cross-sectional area 1020mm. , tensilecoefficient (elastic deformation in) 0.2, section shrinkage rate(ultimate tension) 7%, ultimate tension of 836 ~ 1030 N / mm.

Each planished steel about tensile withstand 90t (safety limit tension). According to the support bracket planished steel stressanalysis of the situation, the main force is in the upper l0planished steel, l0 planished steel can withstand tensile strengthis 902t.

In the 50t under the force of it probably elongation is about 1 ~ 5mm. Under full load conditions as long as the tension uniformconditions by planished steel tie force is greater than the tensilesupport bracket is usually its elongation is not going to change.Laji Zhang planished steel its important, it directly affects thefinish-rolling steel service life and the whole erection process safety, so the tension after must ensure that every planishedsteel uniform stress (50t).

  Add:Beichen Tianjin Beichen Jinchen steel market A216  Tel:022-84612322    
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